Rhonda has cleaned houses for the past 30 years. When she started having persistent and severe knee pain, she needed relief but wanted to avoid invasive surgery. That’s when she learned about the healing power of Platelet Rich Plasma at Renew. Not only has Rhonda avoided having surgery, but she was able to check off a big bucket list item!

In April, she climbed to the top of Potato Chip Rock (elevation 2,800 feet) near San Diego, CA, something she has wanted to do for nine years. “It took us 2-3 hours. My knee did not bother me at all the whole time! PRP really got things going in the right direction and the supplement niacinamide has helped me too,” said Rhonda.

Platelet Rich Plasma uses your body’s own blood to regenerate new cellular growth and assist with healing. During the process a small amount of blood is drawn and placed in a centrifuge where it spins rapidly to separate platelets from the other components of the blood. PRP is then injected and healing cells multiply and help grow healthier tissue, starting the repair and healing process.

Rhonda said she would encourage people to try “everything else” before undergoing an invasive surgery. She said before getting PRP her pain was at an eight and is now at a one or two.

If you've had a sports injury, general wear-and-tear or arthritis at places like your knees, hips, or elbows, PRP can help. The beauty of PRP is it’s your own blood so your body won’t react negatively or reject the treatment. Results of PRP are dependent on the extent of the injury.

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